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December Digital Photography Competition Results

Our theme for December was "Celebrations", which I felt sure would bring in a lot of good quality entries in a month filled with religious and significant social events all around the world. I was therefore a bit disappointed when we received less than half our usual number of entries. I'm not sure what the problem was; perhaps people were too busy celebrating to take photos? I hope we get better results for our January theme, "Winter landscapes".

Despite the low turnout there were still some good submissions, and even the usual sub-genres. Children were a popular subject, including this nice monochrome shot of a young Cambodian girl at Pre-rup temple, near Angkor-wat, from regular entrant Nick Board of Reading, UK.

Children do love a party, especially if it involves a bouncy castle. The little girl in this shot from Graeme Murray of Southport is clearly having a great time at what I can only assume is her birthday party.

This well-composed shot from Paula Puncher of Essex uses a technique whereby the whole photo is masked and converted to monochrome, apart from one object which is left in colour, providing a focal point for the picture. Paula has made good use of it here.


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