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Corsair XMS2 4200 (1 x 1,024MB)

First Impressions

Like the 5400C4, these modules come with the purple and yellow branded heat spreaders and are identical but for the specification label. I should point out that since I received this module, Corsair have stopped producing it in the 1,024MB capacity I have on test here and have opted to offer it only in a 512MB configurations.

The reason I didn’t scrap the testing on hearing this was because having received a single 1GB module from Swissbit too I needed something to compare to, hence I ran it through the test suite anyway.

Corsair’s modules are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Testing – 266MHz

Rank When Tested at 266MHz: 7th from 9

Running is single-channel mode, it wasn’t surprising to see this module propping up the ranking table, though to Corsair’s credit it wasn’t bottom. That honour fell to Swissbit with a module that was also run in single-channel mode.

Testing – Overclocking

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using timings of 4-4-4-12: 353MHz

Rank – based on maximum operating frequency: 5th from 10

Rank – based on overclocked benchmark performance: 8th from 10

A reasonable overclock gave this module a mid-table 353MHz finish, though once again the limitations of running in single-channel mode pegged back its performance. Despite this it repeated its initial victory and relegated the single-channel run Swissbit module to last place.


Overall Rank: 7th from 9

If nothing else, these results show quite clearly that, as with DDR, when performance matters dual-channel is by far the better option.

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