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Swissbit DDR2-PC4300 (1 x 1024Kb)

Pence Per Megabyte: 18.6

Torture Test at 266MHz – Passed

Torture Test Overclocked - Passed

First Impressions:

The 1GB module differs from the 512MB only in that it’s double-sided and sports eight chips on each face. Like the smaller modules, there’s no heat spreader fitted and the PCB colour is your standard green fair.

Swissbit offer a two-year warranty on its retail modules, one year for OEM parts.

Testing – 266MHz:

Rank When Tested at 266MHz: Joint 8th from 9

As a single module single-channel mode was the only option and as a result I wasn’t expecting much performance wise; and that’s precisely what I got. The best it could be expected to do would be second last behind the other single stick, but in the end it had to settle for a spot at the very bottom of the heap.

Testing – Overclocking:

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using timings of 4-4-4-12: 346MHz

Rank – based on maximum operating frequency joint 9th from 10

Rank – based on overclocked benchmark performance 9th from 10

Making it to the same 346MHz limit I saw from the 512MB modules is no great surprise. This unfortunately left it looking lost and forlorn as it fortified its last place showing.


Overall Rank: 8th from 9

As expected after seeing the performance in a dual-channel configuration, running a lone stick produced results that fell behind every other module on test. If it were dirt cheap then I’d be tempted to remind you how little difference you’re likely to “feel” when used in real world applications, but with the poor warranty, uncompetitive price and lacklustre overclocking I can’t even defend them in that way.

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