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OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Edition - DDR2

OCZ certainly makes its PC2-9200 Reaper memory stand out from the crowd. Instead of merely adding prongs to the heat spreader that add more surface area, it has gone the whole hog and added a secondary heatsink that is raised above the main heat spreader on a looped heat pipe.

Although the stated latency is 5.0-5-5-18 the Gigabyte ran this memory slightly slower at 5.0-7-7-20 and, as an additional curiosity, the Auto speed set by the BIOS was a mere 880MHz i.e. 2.0x our overclocked FSB of 440MHz - however, the performance was just as fast as the previous examples of fast DDR2. We thought that we were on a winner here and manually raised the multiplier to 2.5x to get a memory speed of 1,100MHz, however the performance results in PCMark05 didn't change one jot.

This is very confusing but the Reaper is cheap and delivers the goods at a low clock speed so, while it feels as though it should deliver better performance, we'd recommend the OCZ Reaper as our preferred DDR2 memory from this round-up.

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