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Corsair Dominator CM2X1024-9136C5D - DDR2

Corsair claims a maximum speed of 1,142MHz for its Dominator CM2X1024-9136C5D but we couldn't get anywhere near this speed. We ran it on another test bed some months back and it didn't go beyond 1,050MHz, and the same was true with the Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R. When we set the memory speed to 1,100MHz on a memory divider of 2.5x, the PC locked up and blue screened at the BIOS. We knew this setting had worked successfully on the OCZ FlexXLC so it rather suggested that the blame lay with the Corsair Dominator.

It didn't seem as though cooling was an issue as the Dominator has a black heatspreader with vertical prongs that are very similar to those on the water cooled OCZ, while the packaging talks about a Dual-Path Heat Xchange system.

We lowered the memory divider to 2.4x and successfully ran at 1,056MHz and while there's nothing wrong with a speed of 1,056MHz you're paying a steep premium for the extra speed that this memory is supposed to offer, but, at least in our tests, can't deliver.

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