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Crucial 1GB Memory Competition


Crucial 1GB Memory Competition

It’s a well known fact that your PC can never have too much memory. Of course, that’s not strictly true as 32-bit operating systems can’t address more than 4GB, but let’s not get too geeky about this.

If your PC is labouring under the strain of having less than 1GB of memory, then you’ll want to enter this competition run in conjunction with our friends at Crucial Technology. And even if you do have 1GB, a little extra can’t hurt.

Crucial is the customer facing part of Micron Technology, one of the world’s leading suppliers of PC memory. Its memory is known for its superb value and excellent performance. What’s more, the company offers value add features such as free technical support, free shipping on orders over £25 and a 30-day money back compatibility guarantee. Its web site also offers the handy Memory Advisor tool, so you won’t end up buying the wrong memory for your system.

But thanks to those lovely people at Crucial, three lucky winners will walk away with a pair of match 512MB DIMMs, in either DDR or DDR2 configuration, depending on whether you have an AMD or Intel platform.

These aren’t just ordinary DIMMs though. These are from Crucial’s top-line Ballistix range, which not only look ‘bling’ thanks to their gold heatspreaders but have also demonstrated that they've got it where it counts, with good performances in our memory group tests, even picking up an award in one case.

For a chance to win on of these sets you’ll need to answer the following question.

This competition is closed.

The competition is open to all our readers worldwide. It requires registration in our forum and the closing date is 6th March 2006.

Good luck memory people.



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