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Intro and Ultra Products Pentium 4 Cooler


CPU Cooler Roundup

The CPU cooler is a vital part of any PC today. Simply put, without a decent one your processor will overheat, which could possibly even cause permanent damage. What we having a look at here are three very different coolers from three different companies, two for Socket-478 and one for Athlon 64 processors.

Let’s start with the most basic one. This is from Ultra and has the not so catchy name of Pentium 4 CPU cooler with copper base (part number ULT-31422). It’s a very basic looking cooler that has been given the chrome treatment to prevent the copper base from oxidising. Is has a red 70mm ball bearing fan that is quite noisy at full speed. However, it is easy to install which is always an advantage. A pouch of thermal grease is also supplied, although with higher speed processors I’d suggest you swap that for some silver grease.

There's isn't a lot more to the ultra cooler. Performance was decent, keeping a 3.2GHz Northwood core Pentium 4 at 39 degrees Celsius at idle and peaking out at 60 degrees Celsius after 5 minutes of 100 per cent CPU usage. But the best part of it is the low price as at £10.56 you can’t really get much better value for money. So if you got an older cooler that is giving you problems this is the no brainer upgrade option.

Supplier: Misco


Manufacturer: Ultra Products


Price £10.56

Score: 9

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