Nintendo Wii

Which version should I buy?

Easy - there's only one option. With the Wii, it's more a question of whether you'll be lucky enough to find the standard console and Wii Sports pack anywhere, or whether you'll be forced to buy a store's own bundle at a price premium. If you can hold off until the demand subsides after Christmas, you might have a little more room to pick and choose.


Three good reasons to go Nintendo Wii.

Super Mario Galaxy

Mario unleashed on a whole galaxy of planets in a 3D platform game that aims to go where no platform game has gone before. Visually this looks like the Wii's most appealing title yet, and early word is that this is the follow up to Mario 64 that Super Mario Sunshine failed to be.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The first hour or two is shakey, but Corruption blossoms into a crazily compelling first-person action adventure, featuring some of the finest Wii graphics to date and the best FPS control system on this - and arguably any - console.

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Compare Prices for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)


Wii Fitness

Due next year in the UK, Wii Fitness is the Wii game that ships with the balance board; the bathroom-scales like peripheral that uses your body weight and distribution to control the on-screen action. Daily tests and game-like exercises have proved popular in the likes of Brain Training and Big Brain Academy, and they should get everyone involved here. 2008's big Wii craze?


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