PlayStation 3

Which version should you buy?

Save the cash and go for the £299, 40GB model. You may struggle to find a 60GB model anyway, and neither the extra hard disk space nor the two addition USB sockets is really worth the extra outlay. The only reason to think twice is if you have a huge library of PS2 games that you definitely will go back and play (be honest about it) or if you're planning to get involved in the PS3's mooted movie downloads or PVR features (in which case 60GB isn't going to go that far, anyway).


Three good reasons to go PlayStation 3.

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

The more consistent of the PS2 platforming duos (sorry Jak and Daxter, but there it is) return in a tour-de-force of leaping, swinging, gliding and - best of all - blasting. The graphics are approaching Pixar quality, and the weapons are even more spectacular and silly this time around. Dazzling.

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Crash Bandicoot/Jak and Daxter creators Naughty Dog hit out with a new franchise mixing Hollywood blockbuster action with Tomb Raider-style adventuring shenanigans. Beautiful visuals and believable animation are guaranteed to have an impact. Here's hoping the gameplay delivers the same knock-out punch.

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Little Big Planet

Tired of the old franchises? After something new? How about an ingenious, physics-based, platform game where players grab and use objects to get themselves through. Not different enough? How about a game built from the ground up for players to cooperate, and where players can dynamically edit the level and the objects as they play. How, indeed, about a game where players are continually swapping new levels, characters and objects they've just built themselves? Little Big Planet could be the start of something very special indeed.


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