Xbox 360

Which version should you buy?

Now that it comes equipped with HDMI, the £249 Xbox 360 Console Pack is the one to go for. The £300 Xbox 360 Elite is worth the extra if you're interested in exploring TV and movie downloads when the relevant Xbox Live Marketplace service launches (hopefully this year), but the cheaper system gives you the best balance of price and features.


Three good reasons to go Xbox 360.

Halo 3

The most hyped blockbuster game of the year, but this time the hype was (mostly) justified. The single-player campaign builds on Halo's strengths to form the biggest, baddest Halo yet, while the online options are streets ahead of anything else on a console.

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Mass Effect

It comes from the team behind Baldur's Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It features stunning, near-photorealistic graphics, the most advanced facial modelling and conversation systems yet seen in a game, and gameplay that mixes tactical action, space exploration and deep RPG mechanics. Could this be the new benchmark for console RPGs?

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Project Gotham Racing 4

Thanks to a killer combination of cool cars, thrilling handling and superb real city tracks, PGR4 is THE driving game of the moment. Others offer more realistic racing or stronger customisation options, but nothing beats Bizarre's latest for stunning spectacle or the sheer, fierce joy of speeding and swerving through the streets.

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