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The 50 top gadgets - £100 and Up

25. Huawei Ascend G330 - £99.99

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Some accuse Huawei of being in the pocket of the Chinese government, but for now we’ll just enjoy the fantastically cheap phones they produce. The Huawei Ascend G330 is the company's latest, following on from the also-excellent Ascend G300. For around a hundred pounds, you get a dual-core processor, decent 4-inch screen, Android 4.0 and all the goodies that provides. It can compete with phones twice the price.

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24. Sphero - £100

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A contender for quirkiest gadget of the year, the Sphero is a remote control ball that’s packed with weights and motors (or a robot, as its maker calls it) to let it move around without randomly free-wheeling all over the place. You control the ball with an iPhone or iPad, and there are reams of apps and games that make it much more than just a remote control ball. It lights up, for one, you can use it as a controller for games made for Sphero, and there are augmented reality apps too. Plenty more apps will be appearing in time too, so while it may seem like the ultimate faddy gift, it does have a little life in it.

23. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - £109

Top 50 gadgets 22

Set to be one of this year’s favourite Christmas presents. The Kindle Paperwhite is the latest ereader to bolt out of the Amazon stable. Its top new feature is a light that lets you read in the dark. Crucially, the way it disperses light makes it much more comfy on the eyes than an LCD screen. The internal LEDs fire light across the screen, above the E-ink layer, making it appear to glow rather than blast into your eyes. Read our full review.

22. Nike Fuelband - £129.99

Top 50 gadgets 21

The Nike Fuelband is a much cooler-looking alternative to a GPS watch that’ll calculate how long you’ve been running using a three-axis accelerometer. It fits around your wrist and will sync with an iPod touch or iPhone to let you keep track of your progress. Like the Fitbit Zip, it’s a great way to help you work off the Christmas turkey binge. Read our full Nike Fuelband review.

21. TomTom VIA 130 - £129.99TomTom VIA 130

Some people say that traditional SatNavs aren't really necessary now that we all have fancy smartphones, but we wouldn't advise using Apple Maps to get from Land's End to John O'Groats. You'd probably end up in France. We think there's still room on the dashboard for a good old TomTom. The latest, the TomTom VIA 130 is a cracker. It has a 4.3-inch screen, and the Speak & Go function lets you choose a destination simply by saying it. TomTom's Christmas promotion makes it an even sweeter deal. Until December 24, you get four additional map downloads for free every year, which would normally cost you £80. Bargain.

20. Logitech UE Smart Radio - £149.99

Top 50 gadgets 19

This little radio looks innocuous enough, but it’s far more advanced than the old DAB or FM radio you have in the kitchen. The Logitech UE Smart Radio features integrated Wi-Fi and lets you hook up to streaming services like Spotify and Deezer, as well as listen to internet radio stations or grab podcasts. It’s not one for your nan, who’d be better off with a simpler Roberts Revival. But for a modest gadget fan, this is a cracker – and it even features a 6-hour internal battery.

19. Google Nexus 7 - £159.99

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This is the tablet that started to turn the tide for Android tabs. It’s cheap, it’s well-built and it’s fast. What more could you want? Ok, it also has a user-facing camera and GPS, which many budget tablets miss out on. The iPad mini may be a touch more desirable, but the Google Nexus 7 is £110 less. And it has a higher-resolution screen too. In short, it’s a winner and is one of the few tablets we’d recommend as a serious alternative to an iPad. Read our full Google Nexus 7 review.

18. Nook HD - £159.99

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The Barnes & Noble Nook HD is the lightest big-name 7-inch tablet around. Most notably, it’s significantly lighter than the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. It’s this lightweight design that makes it so comfy to hold in one hand. However, it does suffer a bit from being the new kid on the block – the integrated movie store hasn’t launched in the UK yet, although it should be up and running by Christmas day. Read our full Nook HD review.

17. Amazon Kindle Fire HD - £159.99

Top 50 gadgets 16

The tablet trio is complete. One from Barnes & Noble, one from Google, and one from Amazon. Which should you buy? If you’re anything like us, probably the Google Nexus 7. It has the best features, the best apps selection and the greatest flexibility. But for less techy types, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD isn’t bad either. It links up to Amazon’s movie, music and apps offerings, which are pretty sizeable these days. Read our full Kindle Fire HD review.

16. Roberts RD60 Revival - £159.99

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It’s not new, but that’s part of the whole appeal of the Roberts Revival DAB radio. This is a radio of pure, timeless class. Yes, it’s not cheap and yes, you can get better sound quality elsewhere for the money. But if you have a kitchen full of designer utensils and a work surface you spent a small (or large) fortune on, few radios will suit it as well as the Roberts Revival.

15. AQ Audio Wireless Portable speaker - £160

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The AQ Audio Wireless Portable speaker is a small-but great-sounding audio dock that’s almost fully wireless - it does have an aux in if you’re desperate to go wired. It’ll take a wireless input from just about any device you can think of. That includes iPhones, iPads, Android devices, computers, and will communicate with Apple AirPlay without needing a Wi-Fi network – making the 10-hour battery life all the more useful. Read our full AQ Audio Smart Speaker review.

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14. Google Nexus 4 - £239

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The Google Nexus 4 is made by LG, but this is a phone without much brand ego. It’s not going to dazzle you with its design either, even if its back does look a bit like a disco ball. The whole point of the Google Nexus 4 is that it gets you a top-spec phone for the around £150-200 less than the competition. That is, if you buy it from the right place. Direct from Google, the Google Nexus 4 starts at £239. From elsewhere, you’re looking at around £400. Read our full Google Nexus 4 review.

13. iPod Touch - £249.99

Top 50 gadgets 12

Did you know that the new iPod touch is a lot slimmer than the iPhone 5? Well it is, and it’s a darn sight cheaper too. It has a similar screen to the iPhone, can play just about any iOS app or game, and even has a half-decent camera this time around. If you can’t stomach the £250 price, the last-gen model is also available from a much more palatable £169. Read our full iPod touch review.

12. Jamie Oliver Philips HomeCooker - £250

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It’s not often we talk about kitchen tech on TrustedReviews, but the Jamie Oliver HomeCooker by Philips is a bit special. A clever pot that’ll stir, steam and sauté your food for you, it takes all the effort out of Sunday lunch. It’s just a pity it doesn’t roast too, or it could take care of Christmas dinner single-handed while you all head off to the pub.

11. Wii U - £250

Top 50 gadgets 10

There’s a lot resting on Nintendo’s latest home console, the Wii U, and as it’s a pretty new concept, it’s not a sure-fire success. However, you can bet that millions of kids around the world would love one for Christmas. It’s comprised of a GamePad that looks a bit like a tablet and a console that looks like a more stylish Wii. Is this the dawn of dual-screen gaming? One in your lap and the TV screen? We can’t wait to find out. We’ll have our full review up soon.

10. Sennheiser Momentum headphones - £259.99

Top 50 gadgets 9

Street headphones are terrible popular these days, but some of them strongly value style over sound quality. The Sennheiser Momentum get the equation just right. There’s no celebrity endorsement here, just a pair of over-ears headphones that look great, feel great and sound great. They are some of the best commuter cans money can buy.

9. Logitech G27 - £262.80

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An oldie but a goodie, the Logitech G27 steering wheel is one of the coolest gaming accessories. Ok, it’s one of the geekiest gaming accessories too, but it isn’t half fun. Constructed out of top-notch materials like real leather and metal, it feels the part, and it offers powerful force feedback to make you really feel the road in driving games. The Logitech G27 works with PS3 and PC games. To get a similar experience on the Xbox 360, you’ll have to look to the Mad Catz wireless wheel, which isn’t quite as snazzy.

8. iPad mini - £269.99

Top 50 gadgets 7

The iPad mini and the Kindle Paperwhite are two of the most obvious Christmas present choices, for those whose wallets can handle the strain. The iPad mini is exciting, it’s new and it is really quite great. It’s much more comfortable to use while on the go than a full-size iPad and can play almost every app and game that an iPad 4 can handle. Sure, a new model will come along with a better screen and faster processor, but who knows if we’ll make it to next Christmas, eh? Read our full iPad mini review.

7. FujiFilm X10 - £270

Top 50 gadgets 6

One of the coolest compact cameras money can buy, this little compact is more hipster-friendly than a vignette’d sepia photo of a bizarrely-dressed, pouting 20 year-old. Here’s the surprise – the FujiFilm X10 is also a superb camera. It offers some of the best-quality images in its class, as well as excellent handling and unusually good low light performance. Read our full Fujifilm Finepix X10 review.

6. Nikon D3100 - £299.99

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We’re usually out for the best and latest gadgets at TrustedReviews, but this Christmas the price of the las-generation Nikon D3100 DSLR is just too good to pass up. You get a great-quality camera and versatile kit lens for under £300. And until January, Nikon is offering an extra £35 cashback too. It’s perfect for enthusiastic amateur snappers. The camera features a 14.2MP sensor, and the kit lens is the stabilised 18-55mm model. Read our full Nikon D3100 review.

5. Sennheiser RS220 - £349.99

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Wireless headphones often trade sound quality to get their wireless tech working at the right price, but the Sennheiser RS220 are a real uncompromising set of cans. They’re open backed, use lossless transmission of audio and sound much like their non-wireless HD-series brothers. These headphones are strictly for use at home, but if you want to dance through your house listening to heavy metal set to 11 without disturbing the neighbours, there are few better pairs out there. Read our full Sennheiser RS220 review.

4. Samsung Galaxy Camera - £369.99

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Possibly the gadgetiest camera out there, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a superzoom snapper that runs Android. And it doesn’t just run a cut-down, low-powered version of Android either. It has the Google Play app store, features a 4.8-inch 720p screen and a super-powered quad-core processor. Its specs aren’t far off those of the Galaxy S3, and of course it has a much, much better camera with 16.3 megapixels and a 21x optical zoom.

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3. Asus Vivobook - £399.99

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Need a new laptop? We recommend trying to get hold of one with a touchscreen if you want to get the full Windows 8 experience. Surprisingly, that needn’t mean spending an arm and a leg. The Asus Vivobook is made of metal, has a touchscreen, looks great and is pretty portable, all for under £400.

2. iPad 4 - £399.99

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What Christmas gadget list could be complete without mention of the latest iPad? The iPad 4 is the newest full-size iPad. It has a 9.7-inch screen, super high-res screen and optional 4G connectivity. Our pro tip is that if whoever you’re buying for already has an iPad 3, forget an iPad 4 as this is a pretty minor upgrade. Anyone else would be over the moon with the thing, though. Read our full iPad 4 review.

1. La Boite Concept LD 120 - £870

Top 50 gadgets

Why not finish up with something a bit mad? The La Boite Concept LD range is a series of computer tables that feature integrated amplifiers and speakers, to give your laptop high-quality sound without filling your desk with great big black boxes. For the first few seconds it may sound like madness, but the more you think about it… the more it starts to make sense.

Let us know what you want for Christmas in the comments.

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