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Freeview HD Costs and Channels

Freeview HD Costs and Channels

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Although it only launched with extremely limited coverage just before Christmas, Freeview HD is already making quite an impact. Which is hardly surprising, actually, given that it finally delivers the mass market 'Holy Grail' of subscription-free HD broadcasts through existing TV aerials.

The slow roll out of the service nationwide, as our transmitter network undergoes upgrading, is frustrating, with some members of our own team not scheduled to receive Freeview HD channels until 2011. This means there are large chunks of the UK that won't be able to watch the World Cup matches in HD even if they buy a Freeview HD receiver.

To find out if you can get Freeview HD, use the postcode checker.

As with Freesat, you have a wide and growing choice of Freeview HD receivers to choose from, including a startlingly extensive set of TVs, from Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony. Freeview PVRs are imminent too, from Humax and Philips to name but two.

The receivers range in price from around £80 to £180, with the PVRs likely to be at least £50-£100 more.

Surprisingly, given the current bandwidth limitations of terrestrial broadcast delivery systems, Freeview HD manages three HD channels compared with Freesat HD's two, adding 4HD to the BBC HD and ITV HD channels.

Freeview HD gets 4HD while Freesat doesn't because of a deal Channel 4 did with Sky, which blocks a Freesat launch, at least for now.


October 10, 2016, 5:26 pm

19 Channels from Freeview, 200 from Freesat. A no brainer.

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