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CES 2011 - Highs And Lows - Gordon Kelly

Gordon Kelly writes:


Windows 8 Supporting ARM

Try as it might, AMD has not been able to give Intel real competition in years and while we love Intel's latest Sandy Bridge chipsets it could learn a thing from ARM when it comes to power saving. Intel has been unable to gain a foothold in the smartphone space and with high power dual core ARM chipsets appearing from Nvidia, Qualcomm and Samsung Paul Otellini's company faces the biggest fight in its history. Whatever the outcome, the guaranteed winners will be customers.

Android 3.0

After months of speculation Google launched Android 'Gingerbread' at CES to universal acclaim. With a completely reworked user interface, enhanced applications like 3D modelling in Google Maps and a finger friendly upgrade to YouTube it has the potential to challenge the dominance of iOS on the iPad. Equally the first tablet to support Android 3.0, the Motorola Xoom, looks slick and hundreds more - both good and bad - are due giving consumers a choice in every form factor and price bracket. On the flip side, Android 3.0 makes Chrome OS look ever more pointless.


Polaroid GL20 Glasses

Any product with a celebrity tie-in should be treated with scepticism, but a new low was hit with Polaroid's Lady Gaga designed GL20 glasses. Featuring video screens on the outside (so wearers can show photos to strangers) they are both impractical and superficial while the integrated low quality camera simply adds to the creep factor. Quite possibly technology's equivalent of the meat dress... and with a similar shelf life.

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