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GeForce 9800GTGX2 & Corsair 2,333MHz DDR3

Moving onto more component related news there were several examples of nVidia's upcoming GeForce 9800GX2, the reply to the AMD ATI HD 3870 X2 that's gone some way to restoring some semblance of competitiveness to the GPU market. The example pictured below is from Albatron's booth, though a number of partners, including MSI, also had reference designs on display. Obviously it's a dual-slot card and reputedly based around two G92 boards, that of 8800GT fame.

As you can see it sports a couple of DVI ports as well as an HDMI output, thought there's no sign of the optical audio output that appeared on some leaked shots earlier in the year. It may not be pretty but it's bound to be fast, so it's definitely worth holding out to see how it performs.

Sticking with high-end performance parts, Corsair was showing off the latest "fastest RAM in the world", in this instance its latest 2GB DDR3 kit running at 2,333MHz with 8-8-8-24 latencies. In this instance it had the system pictured here running on an nVidia 790i SLI motherboard, with EVGA 8800 Ultra's running in Tri-SLI. And, for proof that Corsair isn't telling porkies, here's a shot of the CPU-Z readout from the system.

This concludes Part One of our look at CeBIT 2008, check back on Sunday for the final round-up and some thoughts on the show as a whole.

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