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Asus Ares PC & G70 Gaming Notebook

Asus also had a couple of "gaming beasts" - because every powerful PC/notebook is some kind man-eating creature - in the shape of the Ares CG6150 Republic of Gamers PC and the G70 Gaming Notebook.

Let's start with the Ares, which as you can see is housed in this bulbous and custom designed case. Looks angry, doesn't it? Inside you'll find three 8800 Ultra's running in Tri-SLI, a quad-core CPU and two 1000W power supplies. There's some element of liquid cooling, most likely just for the CPU but it wasn't made clear, while there's also a custom keyboard that's pictured below. Vitally, there's also a fingerprint reader, because no gaming PC is complete without one…

Continuing the theme that all gaming focussed machines need to look bizarre is the G70 Gaming Notebook. As you can see there's plenty of aggressive angles and colourful plastic plating and though it's definitely an acquired taste if orange doesn't suit there's also a gun metal grey version.

On the inside there's the unsurprising selection of Penryn mobile processors, from the T8100 to the Extreme Edition X9000 - both of which you can read about in the Inside Mobile Penryn feature. Unfortunately, though Penryn CPUs are a positive, the G70 appears to blight its copy book by employing two nVidia 8700M GT's in SLI. Those of you that read the Dell XPS M1730 review will remember it's not a combination that provides great success, so hopefully Asus will see sense and swap this for a 8800M GTX or GTS combination.

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