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Samsung 226D3DX Dual Screen Display

Another item exhibited by Samsung was its 226D3DX Dual Screen monitor, which features an adjustable 7in display attached to a 22in display using what Samsung is calling UbiSync. It was originally announced at CES but this is the first time I've been able to see this intriguing concept in the flesh and though not totally convincing, it's something that's begging for some experimentation.

Adjustable so that it can be placed above, to the side or even on the desk, the 7 inch display is powered by USB and uses elements of DisplayLink technology, the ingenious USB display tech that allows up to six displays to be connected via USB, to generate the second image.

Samsung had rolling demos on show, demonstrating the various uses one could have for the supplementary display including, as pictured above, displaying your media player as well as an instant messaging window or a web page.

You can also use the 7in screen as a photo frame and though the 800 x 480 resolution would make looking at a web page difficult, the other examples shown do have an appeal. It would take using the unit to see its true usefulness but the idea is a good one. However, what I'd really like to see is a version with an A4 sized portrait screen. It could prove a great alternative to a dual-monitor setup but without the associated clutter.

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