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CeBIT 2008 Show Report: Part One

Andy Vandervell


CeBIT 2008 Show Report: Part One

CeBIT in Hannover is an odd show. So vast it makes the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas look like some kind of child's play thing. It encompasses nigh on every technology niche you can think of with over 20 aircraft hangar sized halls dedicated to everything from ‘Business Solutions' and Infrastructure to several simply filled with the wares of a gazillion Taiwanese ODMs hoping to flog their products in Europe. However, despite its imperious scale, tucked away in its halls are all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. With the show not due to end until Sunday there's still yet more to be revealed, but until then let's take a quick look at what's been noteworthy so far.

As reported on Monday, Samsung had a few interesting products on show; including, the 12in P200 laptop and new T-Series LCD Monitors that take Samsung's new range of TVs as their inspiration. Though the P200 was doused in some slightly befuddling marketing jargon it's still a useful looking machine, taking the basic chassis of the excellent Q45 and tweaking it to suit the small business and home office markets.

As for the T-Series of new LCD monitors, it's clear Samsung has taken a fairly significant step forward in terms of design for this range. Though the likes of HP has made some useful strides in making monitors more living room friendly, by integrating the case design of its TVs into its PC monitors as well, Samsung could be on to a real winner. They're unlikely to be to the purists taste, but for those that want a PC in the more public parts of the home, these should do nicely.

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