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CEATEC '09 - Toshiba Cell Regza

From here on in we're done with the thematic stuff and can get into specific AV highlights from single brands. Kicking off in no uncertain terms with Toshiba's Cell Regza TVs.

Toshiba was so keen to plug this new TV development that it actually devoted its entire stand to showcasing what Cell Regza can do - a fact that makes sense when you realise that it really can do quite a lot!

As its name suggests, Cell Regza is a TV technology that uses at its heart Toshiba's CELL PC platform, to deliver a really quite substantial leap forward in TV processing power. In fact, Toshiba claims that the 55in Cell Regza 55X1 - due to launch in Japan in December - enjoys an arithmetic processing capability approximately 143 times greater than the current flagship Regza TV.

What does it do with all this power? Well, first of all it ships with a massive 3-terabyte hard disk drive - contained in a hulking external tuner/media box - onto which it can record up to 26 hours of programmes from up to eight digital terrestrial TV channels simultaneously.

The Cell Regza engine also makes navigating all the recordings and multimedia stuff you might end up with easier by being able to show moving - rather than static - thumbnails of up to eight images at once. You can additionally flick through dozens, nay hundreds of still image and video thumbnails in search of what you're after almost as if you were shuffling photos around on a coffee table.

The 55X1 additionally features an Easy Search function dubbed 'roaming navigation', which allows viewers to find and display information on recorded, current and future programmes merely by providing the TV with a programme title, genre, actor/director's name or even related keywords.

The PC-like nature of the 55X1 extends, too, to network functionality, with the TV sporting a Full HD-capable online browser and JPEG photo playback.

The processing power at Cell Regza's heart should also help it deliver improved picture quality via the grandly titled Cell Regza Super Resolution Technology. This allegedly improves considerably on the already strong standard def upscaling talents of Toshiba's Resolution+ processing system.

As if all this wasn't intriguing enough, the 55X1's 55in screen is made using direct LED backlighting, with a hefty 512 different, individually controllable LED 'areas'. Plus it carries 200Hz processing, bolstered by a scanning backlight that divides the display into 16 segments rather than the eight found on Toshiba's current 200Hz LCD TVs (two of which we'll be reviewing very soon).

With a peak luminance of 1,250cd/m2 and dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 rounding off the screen's impressive number 'stack' and what looked from the show floor to be some seriously impressive picture quality, the Cell Regza 55X1 really does look like becoming a very interesting TV indeed.

It's unlikely that such an extreme TV would get launched in the UK in exactly the same form as the 55X1. But I for one am certainly hoping that something using the same Cell engine and LED backlight finds its way here sooner rather than later.

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