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CEATEC '08 - Wireless And Bling TVs

A World Without Wires

With Sony rather unexpectedly announcing at IFA that its 40ZX1 LCD TV was going to ship with wireless HD video technology built in as standard, there was a predictable round of ‘me tooing’ from other brands at CEATEC.

Two of these brands were Panasonic and Toshiba, both of which are actually co-members of the same promotional group for Wireless HD that Sony belongs to. Which makes it all the more surprising that despite having running demos of wireless HD video technology at CEATEC, both brands aren’t talking about bringing any products to market until well into next year.

One other notable wireless HD pusher was Hitachi, which was demoing a system based around the Ultra Wideband (UWB) standard. Operating in the 4.2-4.8GHz range, Hitachi was suggesting – though nothing more concrete than that – that its wireless HD tech could form part of a package comprising a new RGB LED back-lit TV and separate multimedia receiver box.


And finally… Nothing has more immediate impact at a technology show than an outrageous TV design or two. In part one of our CEATEC '08 report, we found Sharp bigging up the Porsche- and Ferrari-inspired design of its new ultra-premium XS1 screens with the help of some sparkly ladies right across the front of their stand; Toshiba leaning a big TV against the wall with the help of a blacked out stand that twinkled with little stars; and Sony getting the maximum impact out of the sub-1cm depth of its 40ZX1 sets by putting a whole row of them together at slightly different angles.

But perhaps most entertainingly of all, we found Hitachi going stark raving bonkers with a massive collection of hand-crafted designer prototypes including one finished completely in gold leaf. Enjoy…


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