Mobile Trek WC

Mobile Trek WC wheeled laptop case

The brand new Mobile Trek bag, the launch of which we mentioned a while back, is a rather less usual product than the Brenthaven Pro 15/17 Backpack. While backpacks are quite common for notebooks, rollers tend to be less so, because the constant jolting makes it more likely your machine might get damaged.

The Mobile Trek WC gets around this with thick padding, though nowhere near as thick as on the Pro 15/17, and a 'floating' notebook compartment. Basically, the pocket for holding your laptop is suspended slightly, attached only to one side of the main compartment. Brenthaven's website only mentions that this bag model features Core Protection, not whether it is Premium or Light. Based on our measurements though it's Core Light, a step down from the best Brenthaven offers, but still one above Standard and certainly as good as most of the competition.

In terms of looks the Trek WC is fairly similar to most Brenthaven products. It's unadorned black all the way, though unlike the backpack the Brenthaven logo is stitched across the front in grey. It looks sturdy, reliable, and maybe a tad unremarkable, which is a lot better than the gaudy coloured bits some other bags display. It's rather compact and the largest size notebook it will hold is 15.4in. Brenthaven recommends 14in as the smallest for optimum protection, though even a 13in model should be fine.

The first thing I noticed about the Trek WC when I picked it up was its weight. At around 3.13Kg, the Mobile Trek is heavier than any laptop you're likely to put in it, but of course it's not meant to be carried much. Still, if you live up several flights of stairs and have a bad back, it's definitely something to keep in mind. I must admit to personally having a preference for bags like this that can also be used as a backpack for those times when wheeling them about is unpractical, though as on every Brenthaven the carrying handle is superbly comfortable. And, while it doesn't feature backpack-like shoulder straps, the Trek does have a strap - ironically - for attaching it to larger wheeled luggage.

When wheeling it about the place, the Trek WC is no less comfortable. The pulley handle is not remarkable, but fits well in the hand, and the button for extending the pulley out or collapsing it in is large and feels solid. Best of all, the three-part pulley is quite long when fully extended. Being a bit on the tall side, I often find myself having to stoop with this type of bag because the pulley simply isn't long enough - that, or have the thing constantly banging off my ankles. With the Brenthaven, however, I was able to walk along without strain or worry.

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