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Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Logitech is well known for its keyboards and mice, but it also makes a wide range of other PC peripherals and gadgets, including this stylish Bluetooth headset. Coloured in two-tone grey, the small boom microphone is fitted to a large circular pad which rests over the ear. This pad itself extends into a scorpion-tail clip which fits behind the ear. The end of the clip acts like a large calliper, to hold the headset in place around the bell of your ear.

In use, some members of the team found this calliper a little too heavily-sprung and complained of painful ears after an hour or so of wearing. Other members called them wimps and had no problems with it.

Logitech supplies its headset with a protective case, looking a little like a stasis pod, into which you clip the headset when it's not in use – it makes a comforting click, a bit like Geordie LeForge’s visor. As well as protecting the headset, the pod acts as a re-charger, so the device is ready for use again after a night’s recuperation.

Audio response is good, with speech clear and well modulated. Pairing the device with a Bluetooth mobile proved no problem and the small blue led indicator on the ear-pad shows when a call is in progress, so you look a little less odd when speaking fluently into empty air. A miniature button on the side of the ear pad enables you to receive and initiate calls and a rocker switch on its top adjusts the volume up and down.

Perhaps because of its boom microphone design, the Logitech headset produced the best results in our speech recognition tests. We worked with the unit for about a week, dictating text into Dragon Naturally Speaking 7 as part of our general workload and got good results, though not as good as with a hard-wired headset. We would estimate the accuracy rate for speech recognition dropped by around 5%, from the mid to low 90% decile. A pretty good result for a device intended for the low audio bandwidth associated with mobile phones.

This is a great little device, convenient to use on either ear and just as at home working with a mobile phone or a PC. Sound industrial design has meant that the price is good, too, though remember you'll need to add the cost of a Bluetooth adapter for the PC end of the link.


The Logitech headset is a great solution both for mobile phone pairing and PC use. It’s a bit bigger than some of the other headsets, but the sound quality and cool storage case charger more than make up for this.


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