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Bluetake BT510 VS Logitech V400


Bluetake BT510 VS Logitech V400 - Laptop Mice

If you’re one of the millions of people out there that use a laptop on a regular basis you’ll know that trackpads and trackpoint can be fiddly and are no replacement for a mouse. Here we have two mice on test that has been designed specifically to be used with notebooks, though they could equally be used with any desktop PC or Mac.

First up is the Bluetake BT510. Bluetake is a spin-off company from ThermalTake and specialises in Bluetooth products. Guess how you connect the BT510 to your PC? Via Bluetooth of course. This makes it an ideal companion for laptops with built-in Bluetooth as you don’t need any extra bits to connect it up to your machine. It’s ideal for the road warrior as there’s one less thing to have to remember to bring with you.

The BT510 is using an 800dpi optical sensor and it worked well on several different surfaces. It’s very responsive and it was a doddle to connect it up to a laptop with integrated Bluetooth. You don’t need any pass codes to pair it, which makes it even easier. It’s detected as an HID device and works as well as any other wireless mouse.

To try and push things a bit further, I attempted to connect up a Bluetooth phone to the notebook and transfer a file to it as I was using the BT510. I achieved this without any problems so it’s good to see that the bane of early Bluetooth mice seem to have disappeared with time.

The mouse itself is nothing out of the ordinary but the design is rather unusual. It measures 94x58x33 mm (LxWxH) and comes in white or black. The BT510 is fairly simple in terms of design and as such only has two buttons and a scroll wheel, which doubles as a third button. A small switch at the bottom of the mouse powers it on or off while a button labelled connect sets it into pairing mode – a blue LED will flash at the bottom of the mouse to indicate that the pairing mode is active.

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