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BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On


BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On

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While we managed to get a brief look at the Blackberry PlayBook yesterday at its official unveiling, RIM was being cagey about letting us have a proper play with the device. Today we returned and had a good old poke and prod.

The PlayBook is a 7in tablet that has numerous plus points but its most standout features are its dual-core processor for better multi-tasking and its unique QNX operating system.

The design is lovely with a simple, if a tad thick, black bezel surrounding the display and a black soft touch plastic covering the rest of the device. Minimalist is definitely the word.

Its uniform thickness of 9.7mm combined with that 7in (130mm x 193mm) form factor and 410g weight make it very portable yet the screen still feels like a worthwhile step up in size from a smartphone.

The quality of the LCD screen is also very good with bright colours and great viewing angles on offer. The high resolution of 1,024 x 600 also compares well with the iPad and Galaxy Tab and allows for plenty of information to be crammed on screen, yet remain legible.

Front and rear facing cameras are included, and they seem to work quite nicely with a simple Android-esque touch interface. The lack of an LED flash is a small but annoying omission, however when much of the competition either doesn't have a camera at all or has a crummy looking one, it's not something to moan about too much.

Along the top edge (when held in its default landscape mode) are buttons for power, volume and playing/pausing your media, and jack socket for headphones. Meanwhle the bottom is home to miniUSB, miniHDMI, and power sockets. The 16GB written on the bottom also gives away the fact that this tablet has 16GB of storage. There isn't, however, any way to expand the storage.

So far, so decent in terms of hardware but what really makes the PlayBook such an intriguing proposition is what's on the inside.

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