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Best Xbox One Deals: Start 2017 with a new console!


Xbox One deals

The best Xbox One deals in the UK this week

After a little break over the festive period we're back in full swing with some more must-have Xbox One bargains. If you've got money from Santa burning a hole in your pocket then perhaps one of the bundles below will be tempting enough to make your part with your cash.

Best Xbox One Console Deals

Best Deals for Microsoft Xbox One S

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Xbox One 500GB console + Forza Horizon 3 – £179.99

If you're not fussy about having the latest model of the Xbox One then this bundle offer from GAME is worth a look – it's the old system but it comes with a copy of Forza Horizon 3 for under £180. There's another bundle with a Turtle Beach headset for £199.99 or an Xbox Live Gold sub for £209.99. If you fancy a spare pad, then that bundle costs £219.99.

Buy now from GAME

Xbox One S 500GB console + Minecraft + Minecraft Builders Pack + Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta + Extra Controller – £249.99

xbox one s

If you're something of a Minecraft fan then this bundle deal will be right up your street, offering more block-building goodness than you can shake a stick at – plus an extra controller. It's £20 more than it was last week, mind.

Buy now from Smyths Toys

Xbox One S 500GB console + Minecraft + Minecraft Builders Pack + Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta – £219.99

Alternatively, Tesco has the same bundle as above but minus the controller for £30 less.

Buy now from Tesco

Xbox One S 500GB console + FIFA 17 + Batman Arkham Knight – £231.99

Argos has the 500GB Xbox One S with a free copy of Batman Arkham Knight for just over £230 – not a bad bundle at all, given the quality of the games.

Buy now from Argos

Xbox One S 500GB console + FIFA 17 + Fallout 4 + NOW TV pass – £229.99

fifa 16

£230 bags you the Xbox One S console with two games and a NOW TV pass from GAME – a neat little bundle package for those with some Christmas money to spare. Or if you'd prefer, you can swap out Fallout 4 for Quantum Break.

Buy now from GAME

Xbox One S 500GB console + FIFA 17 – £219

FIFA 17 is sure to be popular this festive season, and Amazon is selling it alongside a 500GB Xbox One S for under £220. Alternatively, GAME has a similar bundle with a NOW TV pass for £219.99

Buy now from Amazon

Xbox One S 1TB + FIFA 17 + Gears of War 4 + NOW TV Pass – £319.99

A little pricey when compared to some of the other bundles, but you do get the larger 1TB console plus two amazing games, and a NOW TV pass as well.

Buy now from GAME

Xbox One 500GB console + FIFA 16 + Extra Game – £209.99

Smyths Toys has been running this offer for a while now, but it's still a bit of a steal. You get an old-school 500GB Xbox One complete with FIFA 16 and one title out of Gears Of War Ultimate Edition, Forza Motorsport 6, Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Rare Replay for £210.

Buy now from Smyths Toys

Best Deals for Microsoft Xbox One

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Xbox One Game Deals Of The Week

Dead Rising 4 – £39.75

dead rising 4

Frank West is back in the latest entry in Capcom's popular zombie-slaying action series. The Game Collection is still the best price for Dead Rising 4.

Buy now from The Game Collection

Gears of War 4 – £19.99

This Xbox exclusive may have passed under your radar what with all the other big AAA titles coming out, but at £20 it's well worth picking up – that's less than half price. Amazon is the place to go.

Buy now from Amazon

Titanfall 2 – £35.80

Titanfall 2 had a bit of a wobble the other week and dropped to as little as £20 in some stores, but it has been restored to a more typical price in recent weeks – a possible result of positive word of mouth. It's just over £35 this week and highly recommended.

Buy now from Amazon

Best Xbox Gold Live Subscription Deal

A Gold account is a necessity if you want to game online, but it also comes with additional benefits such as getting free games and discounts. CDKeys have a 12 month subscription for just £35.99.

Buy now from CDKeys

Xbox Live Games with Gold January

January's Games with Gold are Outlast, World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap, Killer Instinct Season 2: Ultra Edition, The Cave and Rayman Origins, the latter two being Xbox 360 games that can be played on your Xbox One via the wonders of backwards compatibility.


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