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John Archer


Best Value HD TVs

You might just have noticed that there’s a little football thingy happening over in South Africa next month. Apparently it’s called the World Cup, and England are in it. And everyone keeps saying stuff about '44 years of hurt' for some reason. Weird.

Anyhow, pretty much everyone in Britain will apparently be tuning in to watch at least England’s matches in the World Cup. Especially if it gives them the opportunity to bunk off work for a bit.

It’s also a fact that World Cup fever always causes a surge in TV buying. After all, you don’t want to sully your enjoyment of the Beautiful Game by watching it on some rubbish or ancient (or both) TV, do you?

So with time fast running out before the first match of the tournament kicks off, we’ve decided to help focus your new telly buying passion by picking out a selection of affordable (£500-£800) TVs that we reckon offer something special when it comes to watching England raise the World Cup trophy. So, starting with the cheapest (with a couple of outliers at the end), here’s our selection!

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