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PS4 deals of the week


Best PS4 Deals

The best PlayStation 4 deals in the UK this week

As Christmas approaches we're seeing some seriously big titles hitting the market. After the thrills and spills of Battlefield 1, FIFA 17 and Mafia 3, we've got the epic Titanfall 2 to look forward to this week. If you like the look of this online blaster but don't have the means to play it, feast your eyes on the PS4 hardware deals listed below.

Best PlayStation 4 Pro Console Deal

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB black console – £332.49

ps4 pro

The Pro PS4 has more powerful internals and can play games in 4K resolution as well as benefit from better frame rates and enjoy HDR gaming on compatible televisions.

Buy Now from Tesco

Best PlayStation 4 Console Deals

Best Deals for Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim)

PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB black console – £225

This is Sony's new "slim" model of the PS4. Apart from the fact that it's smaller, nothing has really changed. At least you'll have more room under the telly, though.

Buy Now from Amazon

PS4 Slim 500GB + Battlefield 1 – £237.49

Tesco is selling the shiny new PS4 Slim along with recent smash hit Battlefield 1 for less than £240, which is quite a bargain. John Lewis has the same bundle for a very similar price.

Buy Now from Tesco

PS4 Slim 500GB + FIFA 17 + 3 Month NOW TV Pass – £249.99

fifa 17 journey chelsea

Over at GAME you can get the 500GB Slim PS4 model compete with a copy of FIFA 17 and three months of NOW TV access, all for a penny under £250.

Buy Now from GAME

PS4 Slim 500GB + Overwatch + Rachet and Clank + 3 Month NOW TV Pass – £269.99

Another GAME deal includes a 500GB Slim console with Overwatch and Rachet and Clank, as well as the customary 3 months of NOW TV access - all for £269.99.

Buy Now from GAME

PS4 Slim 1TB + Call of Duty Infinite Warfare + Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – £284.99

Tesco is selling the roomier 1TB Slim model with the latest Call of Duty game as well as the remastered version of Modern Warfare, all for under £285 – £15 cheaper than GAME.

Buy Now from Tesco

PS4 Slim 500GB + FIFA 17 and Minecraft – £279

If you're willing to stretch your budget then you can pick up a 500GB Slim console from Tesco along with FIFA 17 and Minecraft, all for £280.

Buy Now from Tesco

PlayStation 4 500GB console – £233.48

The older model PS4 is actually more expensive than the Slim model this week. Amazon is the place to go if for some reason you prefer the old design.

Buy Now from Amazon

PlayStation VR Deal Of The Week

PlayStation VR

Best Deals for Sony PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR headset – £349

PlayStation VR offers virtual reality gameplay on your PS4 console. Keep in mind you'll also need a PlayStation Camera (listed below) to use the device, and PS Move controllers (also listed below) are needed for some games. Tesco has the cheapest price, but stock is in short supply at the moment so you might have to register to receive an alert.

Buy Now from Tesco

PlayStation Camera – £39.99

This device is required to track the movements of the PSVR headset, and is sold separately.

Buy Now from Smyths Toys

PlayStation Move Controller Bundle – £65.41

Some PSVR games require the motion-sensing PS Move controller, and Tesco is selling a pack of two for under seventy sheets, but like everyone else they're currently out of stock so you'll have to register for alerts for when they come back in.

Buy Now from Tesco

PlayStation 4 Game Deals Of The Week

Titanfall 2 – £38.95

This week's big release is the mech-based online shooter sequel. The Game Collection has the best price, and don't expect it to get any cheaper for a while.

Buy Now from The Game Collection

Battlefield 1 – £39.99

battlefield 1

DICE takes us all the way back to WW1 with its latest FPS masterpiece. Amazon has the lowest price for this blockbuster this week.

Buy Now from Amazon

Overwatch – £31.85

This is the lowest that Blizzard's online shooter has been for quite some time, so if you've not picked it up yet then you might want to seriously consider it.

Buy Now from ShopTo

Best PlayStation Plus Subscription Deal

Tesco is your best bet for a 12 month PlayStation Plus sub right now. It's selling them off for £37.99, which gives you a full year of online play and lovely discounts. You'll also need a sub to benefit from deals like the ones listed below.

Buy Now from Tesco

PlayStation Plus October

October's PS Plus offers are Resident Evil on PS4, Transformers Devastation on PS4, From Dust on PS3, Mad Riders on PS3, Code: Realize: Guardian of Rebirth on PS Vita and Actual Sunlight on PS Vita.

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