Wikipanion Plus

Wikipanion Plus for iPad

iTunes link: Wikipanion Plus for iPad- £2.99

Apps for accessing Wikipedia aren't a rarity, but our favourite has to be Wikipanion. It combines a simple, but well laid out, interface with a number of useful functions without getting in the way of what Wikipedia is for: learning about subjects you don't understand yourself from teachers whose only qualification requirement is an Internet connection.

The key feature Wikipanion offers over the website - which works fine in Safari - is queuing. If while navigating through any given article, such as the ever-informative List of fictional ducks, you see a link to another page you'd like to check out, you can add it to your queue for later viewing. What's more, Wikipanion will store the most up-to-date version of the page ready for offline viewing.

A drop-down Wikipedia lookup is useful for those times when you find yourself wondering just what discombobulate and defenestrate mean. There's no facility for editing pages but that's not a calamity.

We also happen to prefer the formatting of Wikipanion pages to Wikipedia itself, in Safari. We dig the uncluttered look, but that's just how we roll.


Whether you use it as a research resource (for the citation links, of course), a time-killing diversion or simply enjoy browsing Wikipedia for the shear kick of it, Wikipanion Plus makes doing so on the iPad a better experience

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