iWork - Pages, Numbers and Keynote

iTunes links:

Pages - £5.99

Numbers - £5.99

Keynote - £5.99

It's not really fair to separate all of Apple's iWork applications out individually, so we haven't. Instead, we're recommending the trio as one item - just ignore the recommendation to those apps you have no use for.

The iPad may not have seemed like it could ever work as a productivity tool on paper but iWork takes that perception, squishes it into a little ball and swallows it whole. Pages needs an external keyboard to be truly useful, Numbers is hampered by the comparatively small screen and low resolution and Keynote may prove the unfortunate source of countless "style over substance" presentations but its still hard not to be impressed just how usable all three apps are.

In many ways the worst problem with the iWork apps is that they highlight the pricing disparity on the App Store. How can so many apps so less than half as powerful as Pages, Numbers and Keynote cost as much, if not more?


The key is to think of the iWork apps as supplementary, much like the iPad itself. They're not really ideal for document creation. For editing, amending and re-jigging, though, they're excellent.

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