Instapaper Pro

Instapaper Pro

iTunes link: Instapaper Pro - £2.99

Far too often do we come across something on the Internet that looks interesting, but we just don't have the time to read now. Instapaper is a brilliant solution to this problem, simply hit your Read Now bookmark and earmark pages for later reading, with the list of pages to read synced to your iPad next time you open Instapaper with a network connection available.

Particularly useful is the text-only page view. This strips out images, saving you bandwidth if you're on a limited data connection, as well as paginating multi-page articles making for easier reading.

There's also offline viewing, so you can download several articles at home ready to read on the train in to work. It's another step towards making the 3G iPad unnecessary for the majority of buyers.


Whether it’s the offline storage of pages, the text only page view mode or the ability to send pages to your iPad for later reading from your PC, Instapaper has something for almost anyone planning to read a lot of text-based web pages on their iPad.

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