Flight Control HD

Flight Control HD

iTunes link: Flight Control HD - £2.99

There's an inexplicable joy to be had in holding the fate of hundreds of blissfully unaware airline passengers in your hands, their only chance of avoiding a mid-air collision being your quick wits and quicker reactions. Even if those people exist only in your head, and the planes in question are being directed in Flight Control HD.

The premise is simple, but the gameplay is complex. Ostensibly you simply have to watch the screen as plane after plane flies into view drawing a clear path to a runway. But before too long you're placing passenger jets into complex holding patterns, navigating nimble light aircraft in between to shorter landing strips and all the time watching out for those pesky helicopters - anything but another helicopter.

Depth comes not only from how surprisingly difficult it is to master a game so easily grasped, but also from a decent variety of maps. Local split-screen and wireless multiplayer modes are excellent if you feel like proving to a friend just who is the better air traffic controller.


Flight Control HD's fast paced, fun and highly addictive action is presented brilliantly. It's a fantastic example of a touchscreen game done right.

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