iTunes link: Wired - £2.99

Contrary to popular belief print media isn't dead yet. If publishers such as Conde Nast thinking it is results in apps like Wired on the iPad, however, we can't say we're keen to kill the rumours.

Small touches like pages being formatted differently in landscape and portrait mode, and clever long pages keeping content together, not spread over multiple are nice. It's the media that steals the show, though. For now this is limited to a few embedded videos and interactive images, but once the editors get to grips with this form of publishing there'll likely be much more depth.

The pricing is about right, too. We'd like to see editions cheaper, and subscription options, but as it is the 'wow' factor has us happy enough with the price.


We're pretty convinced that Wired is the best example we've yet seen of a magazine reproduced for a tablet PC format. It's far from perfect, but it's a massive step in the right direction.

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