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Best iPad Apps & Games - Free & Paid


iTunes link: Dropbox - Free

You've likely seen Dropbox pop up in our iPhone apps round-up, so it's probably not that surprising that the iPad version has made it to this list. Being able to access files stored on a central server is incredibly useful and it’s hard to see why the iPad doesn't offer a similar ability, via MobileMe, out of the box.

Okay, so Dropbox is partly compensating for features the iPad lacks - mainly the ability to transfer files to and from it without going via iTunes. Nonetheless, that doesn't make its features any less worthwhile. Once you get used to the idea of copying any file you might need while away from your main computer into a shared Dropbox folder you'll never look back.

Thanks to the increase in screen size and resolution on the iPad, this Dropbox interface is easier to work with. Plus, you can actually edit files on the iPad so being able to access them away from your computer is that bit more useful than on the iPhone, where you could only read files.

The only possible downside is the 2GB limit of a free account. Need any more storage and you'll have to pay.


Whether you're working on remote documents in Pages or uploading Photos to free local storage, Dropbox works marvellously. To appreciate how useful it is you only need try to go without.

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