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Best Festival Gadgets - Continued

Olympus TG-310

Waterproof to three metres, shock-proof to withstand a drop of 1.5 metres, and freeze-proof to -15°C, the Olympus TG-310 is very much the kid brother of the Olympus Tough range, with models further up the line, namely the TG-610 and TG-810, able to dive deeper underwater and withstand greater abuse, albeit at a higher cost. (Keep an eye out for our best waterproof camera roundup next week)

ACS ER20 earplugs (£15)

These musician's earplugs from audiology experts ACS are designed to reduce damage to ears without completely muffling noise like normal earplugs do. They reduce noise by 16dB, but keep high-end roll-off to a minimum so that music still sounds mostly like it should - just a bit quieter.

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They're not much use for sleeping - read on for sleep aids - but if you have sensitive ears, are paranoid about tinnitus or just want to take care of your lugs they're a great buy. The ACS ER20 come with a neck cord to keep the earplugs together and help you avoid losing them.

Earplugs - from eBay (£5 for 20 pairs)

Traditionally, not much sleep is had at festivals. But if you can't get by without at least a few hours of shut-eye, a standard set of earplugs is an excellent solution. Disposable pairs are usually simply made of soft foam, making them cheap and very simple to use. Not very techy, but a must-have in our book.


There are lots of different brands to choose from but, colour aside, what you need to look out for is the rating. This is the SNR (Single number rating) (or NRR in the US), and tells you how many decibels the plugs can effectively block out. For extreme noise isolation, look for earplugs with an SNR rating of 35 or above.

Binaural app (Free to £5.99)

Sound can have a huge effect on how you feel, as proved by binaural apps. There are many available on Android and iPhone. They pump white and pink noise into your ears, at a different frequency on each side. The difference between the two will either relax or energise you. Give way to the noisy bliss and it's like a meditation session.


Whether you're trying to come down from the day's excitement to help you nod off, or need a morning moment away from the outside world, a binaural app will help. Some apps mix sound effects and music with this binaural effect to make it more accessible. Top picks include iBrainWave, pzizz sleep and pzizz energizer.

Proporta Beachbuoy (£10)

It's easy to find bespoke accessories for an iPhone, but if you have an ereader there's not such a wealth of protective options on offer. The Proporta Beachbuoy is an affordable sack that's guaranteed to be waterproof up to a depth of 5m. You can fill it with Malteasers and Jack Daniels miniatures if you like, but it's the perfect size for a Sony Reader, Nintendo DSi XL or compact camera.

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It comes with a neckstap so you can wear you gadget of choice like an oversize backstage VIP pass. No, it's not going to make you look cool, but it could stop a downpour from making the festival much more expensive than you were expecting.

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