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Best Father's Day Presents - £50-200

QSB SoundScience speakers (£89.99)

Laptop speakers are, almost universally, downright bad. They're tiny, tinny and often painful on the ears. The QSB SoundScience speakers are the cure for the disease of dismal laptop speakers.

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They're powered over USB, so need a laptop or computer to pump out the jams, but the results are quite amazing. They use 4cm BMR (balanced modal radiator) drivers, which provide more volume and bass than we've heard in any other USB-powered solution. Naturally, they're not going to provide subwoofer-like bass, but as an on-the-go hi-fi solution they're very hard to beat. The only downside is that there's no auxiliary input they'll only work with PCs and Laptops.

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Logitech Harmony 650 (£60)

Univeral remote controls are a great way to cut down on lounge litter. If you're anything like us, the years of tech purchases will have left your living room looking like the place where remote controls go to die.

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The Logitech Harmony 650 will replace up to five different remote controls, and compatibility is excellent as it plugs into Logitech's online archive of more than 225,000 devices. Setting the thing up requires zen-like patience, but do it right and it'll lower dad's blood pressure for years to come. Use the macro function and with a button press, it'll turn on all the right gadgets for watching movies, playing games or listening to music and apply all the right settings. Bliss.

For hardcore remote control hoarders, the more expensive Logitech Harmony One can replace up to 15 remotes.

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Amazon Kindle (£111, £152 with 3G)

Kindles are taking over the country. Step onto any train in the mid-morning rush and you're sure to see bundles of the things in the hands of tired-looking commuters. Why? Because they're great.

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Thanks to E ink technology, the Kindle and similar ereaders are just as comfortable to read on as a paper book. Nab the 3G version and you'll be able to download books on-the-go too. There's no extra charge for any data you consume over 3G either - what you see is what you pay. There are plenty of other ereaders available, the Sony PRS350 a particular favourite at TrustedReviews towers, but Amazon has priced the Kindle so aggressively that it simply can't be beaten.

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Sennheiser HD 518 (£79.99)

Sennheiser is one of the most reliable headphone manufacturers in the business, and its new HD 518 over-the-ears model represents staggering value for money. These headphones offer a similar sound signature to the more expensive HD 558 and HD 598 models, for less cash.

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With an elegant, detailed and refined high-end plus robust bass, they're consummate performers whether handling music or movies. To get the best out of them you'll need a headphone amp (even a cheap cMoy model will do) but go in dry and you'll still be rewarded with gorgeous sound that's comparable with sets costing twice the price.

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Pure Evoke 1S Marhsall (£109)

Pure is probably our favourite radio maker. It has made DAB radios that grace several TrustedReviews staff members' homes, and this recent Marshall model continues Pure's quality trend.

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In Spinal Tap-style, the Pure Evoke 1S Marshall's volume knob goes up to 11. Plus it features the classic Marshall black 'n' gold colour scheme. You can't go wrong with its attractive diminutive design and great sound quality. For a less brash look, the wood-finish Evoke 1S is available for slightly less money. Spend an extra £30 on the rechargeable battery pack and it'll last through the day for those lovely summer BBQs.

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D-link Boxee Box (£189.99)

The way we watch television is changing. Freeview PVRs and services like the BBC iPlayer are chipping away at the idea that television programmes are broadcast at a specific date and time. The D-link Boxee Box is one of the best ways to get in on this TV revolution.

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It plugs into your TV and offers access to many of the top movie and music streaming services including BBC iPlayer, Last.fm and MUBI. New mini apps are being made for the Boxee platform all the time, so it should be able to keep up with new services as they appear. If your dad also has a big digital movie collection, the Boxee Box will play its wares too - it supports just about every codec under the sun.

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iPod Touch (£161)

We love the iPhone 4, but there's no denying it's very expensive. The iPod Touch is the best way to get your hands on all the tastiest iTreats without spending the best part of a grand. An 8GB iPod Touch costs just over £160, and can run virtually every iPhone app on the App Store.

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It offers an ultra-high pixel density 3.5in display, but the camera's not a patch on the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel jobbie. With the cash difference in your back pocket though, you could buy several other items from this list. And after all, who really spends £600 on a Father's Day present? It's also worth considering that deals on refurb'd previous-gen models are common too, for that cheaper gift.

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