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Best Father's Day Presents - £15-50

Sennheiser CX300 II (£20)

One of our most frequently handed-out pieces of advice is to get rid of your bundled earbuds. You'll never get the best out of your MP3 or media player if you stick with the cheapo buds shipped with it. You don't need to spend a lot to boost sound quality levels through the roof either.

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The warm, bassy Sennheiser CX300 II are some of the most popular budget earphones in the world, and with good reason. They offer a huge step up from freebie earphones, they look good and also isolate sound thanks to their rubber ear tips. For listening on public transport, this is a must.

iBladez Flightstick & RC Helicopter, £39.99

Some say that boys never grow up. If your dad has a Peter Pan complex, this could be the perfect Father's Day present for him. It's an affordable remote control helicopter piloted using a joystick, which features trim controls as well as the throttle and movement basics. It's a dual-rotor model and has a flybar to give you more precise control.

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There's a steep learning curve to getting used to the iBladez Flightstick chopper, but if you can hack it there's a lot of fun to be had. The helicopter features an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged over USB. The joystick controller takes six batteries - not included - but plug it into a powered USB port and you won't need 'em. Finally, not having batteries isn't enough to stop toys from working.

Available from Home Garden Living

Freeloader Classic solar charger (£40)

For much of the year, most solar chargers aren't all that useful in the UK. Match a solar panel with a miserable grey day and you're not going to get very far. The Freeloader Classic has a few tricks up its sleeve to stay in the game when the sun's KO'd.

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It features a 1200 mAh battery unit that can be detached from the two solar panels, and it'll charge over USB as well as solar. A wide selection of charger tips is included, to fit mobile phones, handheld game consoles and cameras. The full-size USB port on the battery unit lets you connect to any device supplied with a USB charge cable too, such as an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPod. With a metal-coated body, the Freeloader Classic can take some punishment too. It's ready for holidays, festivals and business trips - whatever your dad's into.

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Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 (£30)

The world is going digital (and let's face it, a lot of it already is). DVDs are on the way out, and non-physical movie services could see the Blu-ray market start to peter out before too long. The Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 is palm-sized and costs the price of just a couple of new DVDs but will play virtually any video codec and output the video in full-HD to your TV.

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It comes bundled with a remote control so is just as easy to use as a DVD or Blu-ray player once it's hooked up in the lounge. All you need in addition is a USB memory stick packed with movies or TV episodes.

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