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Best Father's Day Presents - Up to £15

Andrew Williams


Best Father's Day Gift Ideas Guide

Father's Day is a tricky one. It's not as firmly-rooted in modern day tradition as Mother's Day, and yet if your dad's expecting a gift and doesn't get one, you'll know he'll be crestfallen. It's best to play it safe, we say, and get the wallet out.

We've rounded-up all the best tech-related gifts available at the moment, from ones that will leave you change from a tenner to the latest luxury items for those who take Father's Day really seriously.

Angry Birds Plush (£10.99)

If your dad doesn't have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, there's a slender chance Rovio's Angry Birds will be a mystery to him. They've attacked smartphones and the cinema in the animated Rio movie, and there's already a slew of cuddly toys available. No surprise there then.Fathers day gifts 1

There's an 8in basic plush of each of the main birdy protagonists, plus one of their green pig enemies. Perhaps even better are the smaller 5in editions, which also have a sound box built-in - and they'll let out a squawk when they hit the ground.

Freecom Databar XXS 4GB (£6)

A bog-standard USB stick won't make a particularly interesting present, but the Freecom Databar XXS is different enough to grab our attention. This cheap and super-slim flash drive is small enough to fit onto a keyring, so dad can take it around with him without any additional bulk.

Fathers day gifts

You'll need to put some work to make it a truly great gift though - pack it with music and images for that personal touch and you have a great present within a present. The only downside to the Databar XXS is that its data transfer rates aren't the quickest, but for smaller files that's no biggie.

The Social Network DVD (£7.99, £9.99 on Blu-ray)

Ok, so it's a movie rather than a piece of tech per se, but the story of Facebook is one of the greatest tales in technology of the last decade. It maps the development of the social network from its inception, during geeky founder Mark Zuckerberg's time at university, up to the point where everything starts falling apart as everybody starts squabbling over the cash.

The Social Network

Great acting, including a fine turn from 'N Sync hero Justin Timberlake, and a superb script from West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin make this movie a must-watch. For a couple of quid extra, the Blu-ray is also available.

iTunes voucher (£10/15)

Vouchers are the ultimate cop-out gift, but if your father owns an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, he'll always appreciate some iTunes app fuel. Recently-released apps to check out include puzzle game The Heist, massive role-playing game Chaos Rings Omega and action game Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting.

Fathers day gifts 3

If he's not yet fully explored the app scene, the iPad app Garageband shouldn't be missed and iPhone 4 owners should check out iMovie - Apple's own movie-editing app. For more app suggestions, check out our most recent 10 Best Apps of the Month feature.

The Haynes Video Gaming Manual (£12.64)

If your dad indulged in the odd video gaming session back in the 80s or 90s, the Haynes Video Gaming Manual is sure to stoke-up a few nostalgic feelings. It's a look back all almost every classic gaming platform, including the Atari 2600 and the original PlayStation.Fathers day gifts 4

This being a Haynes manual rather than a fluff book, there are plenty of specs and tech details included here - perfect for finding out exactly quite how far we've come - but there's also more fun info on the consoles' key games. It's a great coffee table, or toilet, book.

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