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Coolermaster Hyper 6+

It’s been a while since TrustedReviews had a look at any kit from Coolermaster, but that’s all about to change. We should be covering quite a bit of kit from Coolermaster over the coming months, but let’s start with the Hyper 6+ cooler first.

The Hyper 6+ is something of a monster cooler, weighing 795 grams without the fan fitted according to Coolermaster and I have no reason to doubt them. This in itself brings with it the issue of how sound it is to use something this heavy in a tower case. Not only is it heavy, but measuring over 14cm tall and 11.5cm wide (not counting the fan again) this is a huge cooler.

The Hyper 6+ features six heat pipes - hence the name – and is the second generation Hyper 6 cooler. It is much larger than its predecessor and now features a 100mm fan instead of an 80mm unit. There is one problem with this, if the fan fails, it will be next to impossible to get hold of a replacement, since 100mm is not a standard size.

Size is a good thing in this particular instance, as with six heatpipes there is a lot of heat that needs to be dissipated. With a larger volume cooler you can squeeze in more fins, which is what dissipates the heat. The heatpipes on the Hyper 6+ are smaller than those on the Evo 120, but it seems that the Coolermaster design is much more efficient at cooling the processor which is ultimately what counts.

The fan is fixed speed, although it has one of the new four-pin fan headers so it can be controlled by the motherboard if your BIOS supports automatic fan adjustment. Following the latest trends by using a clear fan with blue LED lights, so the Hyper 6+ will surely attract the modding crowd as well. Coolermaster has also included a finger guard to protect your precious digits from injury.

The mounting mechanism allows the cooler to be fitted to any motherboard with holes through it and four different mounting plates are provided in the box along with a rear plate. A large selection of screws, some spacers and four nuts are also part of the package. A clever screwdriver operated socket wrench is also thrown in, although calling it a wrench might be pushing it as it’s really just the socket. This has a slot in the back for either a flat or Philips head screwdriver. It works amazingly well both for fitting and removal of the cooler though.

The supplied instructions are not as good as those with the Evo 120 - it’s just a folded sheet of paper in black and white. It is sufficient to get the cooler installed, but it’s not great. Installation could have been easier, but as with any of these multi platform coolers it’s never going to be completely straight forward. The cooler can be installed in pretty much any case and on any motherboard as long as you have the space. It doesn’t seem to matter which way you place it, but extra cooling performance could be achieved if the hot air is extracted from the back of the case.

But where the Hyper 6+ really scores is its outstanding cooling performance. At idle it kept the 3.46GHz Extreme Edition Pentium 4 processor at a mere 22 degrees Celsius and this only crept up to 33 degrees Celsius after 10 minutes at full load. This is as good if not better than many watercooling kits, although it is of course not as quiet. At £35.24 the Hyper 6+ is also pretty good value for money, my only worry would be the weight of the cooler, especially if you move your PC regularly.

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