Rural Landscapes

There were a number of very traditional landscape photos submitted, perhaps the best example being this well-composed shot from Paul Mannix of Guildford, Surrey, UK, who really only needed to send in the one photo. It's got depth of field, good exposure leading lines and foreground detail, an almost textbook landscape photo.

Another classic shot is this example from Nikola Runev of London, UK. I suspect that the original has been post-processed in Photoshop, but the result is a fantastically detailed and superbly exposed photograph, and shows the advantage of a good digital SLR.

Taking a slightly less traditional approach to the subject was Steve Poole of Cheadle, Cheshire, UK. By using the telephoto end of his 18-55mm lens instead of the usual wide-angle, he's managed to pick out the interesting elements of this scene near Grasmere in Cumbria. This is one of my personal favourites.

Reflections in still water often make spectacular landscape photos, as shown by this outstanding entry from Petter Larsson of Stockholm, Sweden, a very beautiful country that I must visit again soon.


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