ATI X800

It’s clear to me that to fully test the ATI Radeon X800 XT and the nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra, you’re going to need one of the fastest PCs on the planet. To this end, TrustedReviews is going to try and get hold of/build/steal/pray for such a machine and then get these cards back in the labs for some more tests.

One thing is for certain though, we have crossed the boundary of a new generation of graphics hardware, and this time it’s not just marketing hype, it’s the real deal.

The Radeon X800 is one hell of a graphics solution and the fact that ATI has managed to squeeze this much performance out of a part that draws less power than its predecessor is a truly stunning achievement.

It’s impossible to say whether ATI or nVidia is going to win the graphics battle that’s looming this summer, but for once it looks like the consumer is in a win/win situation. However, with the explosion in popularity for small form factor systems, that has to put ATI in a slightly stronger position as far as market share goes.

Just like Ruby, anyone with a next generation card will be smiling


Like nVidia a few weeks earlier, ATI has managed to significantly raise the bar for graphics performance. The X800 XT is a blindingly fast card, but to be honest, there are few out there who’d be disappointed with the performance of the X800 Pro. All we have to do now is wait for production boards, and for the CPU manufacturers to produce something fast enough to get the most out of the latest graphics chips.

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