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Performance Results: Call Of Duty 2

We used the full version of Call of Duty 2, patched to version 1.2 for our testing. All in game settings were set to their maximum apart from anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing, which we varied for different portions of our testing. SLI optimisation was also turned off, as we weren't testing any dual card configurations.

Our benchmark is based on a custom demo that involves both indoor and outdoor scenes from one of the most intense sections of the game. Because the game is very texture heavy it really taxes the memory bandwidth of graphics cards which is why mid-range cards tend to struggle with it. Reducing in-game texture settings should result in improved performance.

We ran our tests twice, once with transparency anti-aliasing and once without to see how this advanced AA technique affected performance. The section of the game that our benchmark uses doesn't use many transparent textures so there shouldn't much impact on performance when turning this in. However, for completeness we've included these results. The lighter bars represent our results with it turned on.

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