ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT

Propping up the 2x00 series cards, the 2400 is understandably smaller and lower featured than the 2600s.

The card we have is half low-profile with the GPU, memory, and power circuitry all housed in the half-height rear portion of the card. The card rises to full height to accommodate the extra VGA and analogue HDTV-out connections.

As standard the card will come with one dual-link HDCP compliant DVI connector and various combinations of other outputs but I suspect the vast majority will be made into full low-profile cards with one DVI output (remember this will double up as an HDMI and VGA output as well).

As with the 2600 cards, the 2400 doesn't require any extra power and because of its low power usage will be quite at home with a passive cooler. However, being an early design, our sample came with a fan cooled heatsink.

The design of the cooler is slightly different to the other two cards as it pushes air onto the heatsink rather than across it. The affect is much the same, though, and the cooler was never so noisy as to annoy.

Much to the office's amusement, ATI have made the 2400 CrossFire capable. I personally can't see a use for this but I guess someone thought it would be. Anyone have any ideas? Answers on the proverbial postcard.

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