Ares Dual 5870 Graphics Card

Some of you might be familiar with Asus' Mars, a limited edition graphics card powerhouse that combined two full-fat Nvidia GTX285 chips onto a single card, resulting in a beast that was 23 per cent faster than a GTX295.

Now the company is repeating the feat with Ares, the Greek instead of Roman God of War. It combines two AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5870s and will sport an 850MHz engine clock and 4GB of RAM running at 4.8GHz. This beast should perform up to 25 per cent better than ATI's top-end Radeon 5970!

As you can see, the card is cooled with the aid of a ridiculously large amount of pure copper, resulting in the heaviest video card we've ever held! Thankfully this also translates into some serious cooling benefits, as the following chart demonstrates.

We really like the look, the design and the promised performance, but with no confirmed pricing (the Mars was £1,000!) and limited availability, it's likely to be exclusively for those with deep pockets (and strong arms).

However, even if it means we won't be able afford our next holiday or move our PCs anymore, we still want one.

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