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Asus Eee Box First Look

Ardjuna Seghers


Asus Eee Box - First Look

As a brand name, Eee is a phenomenon. Scarily reminiscent of a console counterpart with which it rhymes, the Nintendo Wii, Asus' new Eee Box range has as much potential in the desktop sector. Of course I'm not saying Eee PCs of any variety will ever sell as much as Nintendo's vaunted little console, but the brand-name is incredibly easy to remember and can be an acronym for a multitude of things.

Like its mobile predecessors (the Asus Eee PC-901 or Eee PC-1000, to name but two) had a huge impact on notebooks, the Eee Box looks set to take the desktop market by storm. Frankly, we wouldn't be surprised if it makes a larger splash than Apple's Mac Mini did in its day.

The reasons for this are manifold. For a start the Eee is half the thickness and overall has a smaller footprint when used with the included stand, though it is admittedly longer and wider at 27mm x 220mm x 177mm. Also, it will not only be available in many different colours, but also feature various patterns - much like the Gameboy Advance SP. It is not as powerful as Apple's baby, with the latter featuring a much more powerful dual core processor, but then it's only half the price of the cheapest Mini, and uses far less electricity. The only downside - and this is a big one for some - is that it does not have an optical drive, so forget about playing CDs or DVDs.

But the Eee Box is still one hell of an attractive miniature machine, both in looks and hardware for the money - and now it's nearly here. In around a month, you might be able to get your hands on an Eee Box for yourself. Until then, you can rely on us to tell you all the gory details about it, since we have one right here in the office, ready to dissect peruse.

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