Portraits - The Winners

Finally we come to the winners for this month. The first is this great character portrait from Julianne Bockius of Florida, USA, who was the first-prize winner of last month's competiton. Julianne is another person not afraid to improvise; this shot was lit using a single table lamp in a darkened room. It was shot on a Canon EOS 400D and the lens was a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM. Julianne wins herself a 1GB PNY CompactFlash card and a £25 voucher from Photobox.

Our second runner-up for April is Martin Kuhlmann of Marsens, Switzerland. This is one of the few straightforward formal portraits that we received, but it is a textbook example. The lighting and setting are excellent, and the use of an 80mm-equivalent lens on Martin's Olympus E-510 gives it a nice flat perspective that preserves the ratio of the facial features. Martin wins a £25 Photobox voucher and a 1GB PNY CompactFlash card (sorry, no xD cards are currently available).

Our first prize this month is a second win for Jeffrey Levy of Arlington, Virginia, USA, who also took the first prize in February. This stunning portrait of his daughter was apparently supposed to be a lighting test shot, but he liked it so much he sent it in. The lighting is perfect, and captures his daughter's remarkable eyes beautifully. Jeffery wins himself a second 2GB CompactFlash card and another £50 Photobox voucher.

Congratulations to Julianne, Martin and Jeffrey, and many thanks to all our other entrants. Don't forget that our May competition is running at the moment, with a top prize of a Fujifilm S9600 camera up for grabs! Don't forget to read the competition page to find out how to enter.


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