Portraits - Results

We regularly receive entries from all over the world, but many of the most interesting come from India. This colourful shot is from Sandipan Majumdar of Kolkata. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the circumstances under which it was taken, but the for the technical details it was shot on a Nikon D70 using a focal length equivalent to 90mm, pretty much the classic portrait short-telephoto.

A bit closer to home, but just as colourful is this unusual shot from Michael Garry of London, UK. It was taken at a small concert under stage lighting, using a Nikon D100 at 1600 ISO with a 35mm lens at f2 and a 1/40th-sec shutter speed.

High-key portraits like this are quite difficult to do well, but this entry from Nathaniel Gonzales of Oxford, UK, is a good example of how to do it well. The picture is obviously finished in Photoshop, but that's within the rules of the competition.


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