Portraits - Results

Older people make great portrait subjects too. Here's a prime example from Christian Stalley of Novia Scotia, Canada. It was shot on a Canon EOS 20D, using a 50mm f/1.8 lens and an ISO of 3200, allowing him to use a fast shutter speed despite the low light conditions. The Canon's high-ISO noise resembles high-speed film grain, resulting in a classic monochrome look.

Another great shot of an older subject is this character-filled portrait from Mick Bellée of Jersey, Channel Islands. It was taken at the Glendale Vintage Railway in New Zealand, on a Canon EOS 5D with an EF 70-200mm USM lens. Very nice!

Gethin Lane of Leeds, UK, was one of our runners-up last month with a nice experimental long-exposure photo of a guitar. Here he again demonstrates an enviable knack for improvisation to create excellent results. This classic low-key portrait was shot on a Nikon D80 propped on a pile of books, with a simple desk lamp providing the illumination. Tight focusing and narrow depth of field have again produced a very powerful shot.


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