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4 things we didn't hear about during Apple's big event


iPhone 6S press shot

With the dust now settled on Apple’s September launch event, we have a clear idea of what to expect from the fruity tech giant over the coming months.

Key announcements included the unveiling of the much-rumoured, and now finally confirmed, iPhone 6S and iPad Pro. Also revealed were the download date for iOS 9 alongside a new Apple TV. But within this sea of announcements Apple failed to mention a few key products, or snippets of info.

Where’s the Apple Car?

The rumour mill has been in overdrive in recent months regarding Apple’s alleged automotive plans. Most recently, an unconfirmed rumour emerged on the cyber highways suggesting that Apple is taking a page out of Google’s book and developing a self-driving car.

Prior to that a separate report broke suggesting Apple had been taking part in covert meetings with German automotive powerhouse BMW.

The rumours have been so persistent that they’ve even prompted official comment from executives in the automotive industry. Mercedes-Benz’s Dieter Zetsche chipped in on the debate earlier this year, arguing that even if Apple is making a car, its chances of succeeding are nominal.

Sadly, despite the high levels of interest surrounding an Apple car, come the big September event, the company made no official reference to its automotive plans.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, Apple’s Craig Federighi couldn’t resist the urge to poke fun at the rumours. During his keynote on 3D Touch, Federighi referenced a “new Apple ride”. Sadly, the Apple ride he joked about turned out to be a fictional motorised unicycle. Apple Car

When will we get an truly cheap iPhone?

Apple products normally come at a premium price. But in 2013, Apple atypically chose to give fans a slightly more affordable smartphone with its release of the iPhone 5C.

Featuring a more colourful plastic design than regular iPhones, while continuing to pack in the iPhone 5’s reasonable – at the time – internal components, the 5C was close to £100 cheaper than its premium sibling, the 5S.

Despite being listed by most analysts as a success, to date Apple has chosen not to release a follow-up to the 5C. This has left Apple fans on a budget between a rock and hard place.

As a result, many fans were understandably hoping to see Apple unveil a follow-up to the 5C. Sadly this didn’t happen. Instead, Apple chose to moderately lower the price of its existing iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5S.

The 16GB iPhone 6 can now be picked up for £459 from the Apple Store. The 16GB iPhone 6 Plus retails for a more premium £539. At the bottom end of the pile, the ancient 16GB iPhone 5S costs £379.

iPhone 6S iPhone 6S+ pricing

This means Apple is once again behind Android when it comes to offering value for money. Cheaper devices, such as the £239 OnePlus 2 and £279 Moto X Play offer noticeably better specifications, and arguably better experiences, than the more expensive iPhone 5S.

Where’s the OIS?

Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) is a vogue item in the smartphone world. Since Nokia, now Microsoft Devices, brought the technology to the mobile masses on the Lumia 1020, technology companies have been racing to add it to their smartphones – and for good reason.

OIS is a nifty bit of technology that helps improve a camera’s performance in low light. By compensating in real-time for shaking and vibrating while shooting, it improves photo quality. The compensation means there are no alterations or light degradations on captured images.

Apple debuted the technology on its iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, but chose to keep it off its then flagship iPhone 6. The move to leave the tech out of the iPhone 6 was generally listed as a negative, since OIS radically improved the 6 Plus camera’s performance.

As a result, Apple fans around the world were expecting the tech to be a key feature on Apple’s 2015 flagship iPhone 6S.

Oddly, come the 6S's unveiling, there was no mention of OIS. Instead, the company seemed hell bent on rattling on about the fact the iPhones’ camera resolution had been bumped up from 8-megapixels to 12-megapixels.

We’ll reserve judgement over whether this is a good or bad move until we’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly test the 6S’s camera.

When will OS X El Capitan be released?

Apple introduced the new version of its desktop and laptop operating system, OS X El Capitan, at its WWDC developer conference in June.

On paper the OS looks pretty awesome, even though it’s currently in an unfinished state. It adds a number of cool new features and upgrades to OS X, including under-the-hood performance improvements as well as updated Spotlight and Mission Control features.

Sadly, despite offering plenty of information about its mobile plans, Apple chose to offer woefully few details about OS X El Capitan’s exact release date. In fact, it made no mention of it at all.


September 10, 2015, 1:07 am

1) were you really expecting this? If it is a real thing, it's years off.

2) no, you won't see a truly cheap iPhone. Put simply, why would Apple cannibalise their own profit margin, enough people will pay for a premium product so why would you say to someone who is willing to spend £500 that they can pay less.Apple is a premium product company, they sell to the luxury / exclusive end, they will never do £100 iPhones or £500 MacBooks.

3) Not a clue, but if you are still surprised by the idea that Apple follows its own path whilst everyone else does the same thing then you are very new to this game.

4) El Capitan is September 30th, it was on the email Craig Federighi opened up when doing his demo.


September 10, 2015, 6:39 am

regarding a cheap iPhone, I would think Apple are better off leaving this to the second hand market. That helps keep residual values high and hence bolsters their high price/high value position, and keeps the second tier customers in the ecosystem (and away from Android), fulfilled but yet still hungry for the day they have the money for a new iPhone.

Adam Drew

September 10, 2015, 7:13 am

OIS is included in the 6S Plus! "Optical image stabilization (iPhone 6s Plus only)" - lifted straight from Apple's website!

There is a GM build of El Capitan, so it'll be with us shortly...possibly the same day as iOS9.

I've no doubt at all that Apple is working away in the background on some wonderful new devices - and maybe even a car - but, until they're ready for the primetime, Apple will not reveal and they certainly won't be pushed into an early reveal.


September 10, 2015, 9:11 am

Follows its own path like making a tablet with a keyboard case and stylus. ;)

Георги Балев

September 10, 2015, 9:41 am

I thought it was about time to change the 2012 like macbook's pro


September 10, 2015, 10:22 am

I never said doesn't sometimes do something that others have done, I said follows own path which I meant as "just because everyone is adding this feature this year doesn't mean Apple will follow and do it too in order to compete on specs and features, the iPhone camera is already pretty good as it is.


September 10, 2015, 10:39 am

To fit current OIS modules in, Apple would either need to increase the thickness of the iP6S slightly, or have a S6-style hump. They seem to value a slim chassis at this point, for better or worse.

The difference between the iP6 and iP6+ cameras would be better characterised as 'marginal' rather than 'radical'. Apple probably see OIS as a nice-to-have if the chassis has space, rather than something that should dictate the design.


September 10, 2015, 12:04 pm

The 5C was never an "affordable iPhone".
Its release followed the same pattern Apple had followed for years:
Release 3GS -> 3G roughly £100 cheaper.
Release 4 -> 3GS £100 cheaper.
Release 4S -> 4 blah-di-blah

5C was just cheaper for them to make than the 5 (which was to become the "£100 cheaper" model), so they could make more money from people.

P.S. Those covers with the holes in they made for the 5C were stupidly badly designed too.

P.P.S. This has been a rare Apple-bashing post by DrDark; savour it :P.


November 5, 2015, 11:02 pm

paylessapple.com is a scam. They have zero product to sell.

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