Apple iPad Case

iPad Case

Usually Apple doesn't make cases for its own products, leaving such tasks up to third party manufacturers. Whether the iPad Case will signal the start of a trend, or will prove a one-off, remains to be seen, but it suggests that Apple knows its latest creation does need a case, where its other products really don't.

There's a reason for this. While its likely that anyone buying an iPad will want to show it off as much as possible, the fact remains that there are plenty of situations in which a case will prove useful. Not least of these is providing a little bit of protection should you drop your expensive toy, but there are more practical considerations too.

The Apple iPad Case does't just protect the device, it also has a clever flap at the back, into which the folding cover notches. This is secure enough that thus configured the iPad can be stood up in either portrait, landscape, or placed at a slight angle, facing upwards. The latter position is great for typing, as it not only places the iPad at a more finger-friendly angle than just laying it flat, it also stops it from rocking about, which its curved back causes it to do when case-less.

The only major problem with the case is that its designs stops the iPad from being placed into a dock while wearing it. The thickness of the case pushes it too far out of line, although the dock connector is exposed, so accessories and the charging cable can be plugged in.


The Apple iPad Case is well-designed and works well in use, both protecting your iPad and making it easier to use. However it is also, like so many Apple products, undeniably quite expensive for what it is.

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