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Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

iPad Camera Connection Kit

We know; this accessory really shouldn't be necessary. Apple's decision not to place a USB port on the iPad is just about fathomable, but the lack of a card reader is just ludicrous. It's almost as if the decision was made purely to create a market for the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

That decision made, however, what's important to focus on is that the Camera Connection Kit is a useful tool to have. There are annoyances. The biggest two are that it's not possible to assign file names and that programs aren't able to access external storage directly. These two frustrations combine together to make finding a particular photo to import into an editing app a real headache as you first have to import files fro your camera using Photos and then hunt down the one you want with only a thumbnail to identify it.

That said, it's unlikely that you'd want to do more than quick touch-ups or crops on the iPad anyway. There are a number of good apps for tweaking photos, but none of them are as powerful of full-featured as a desktop editing program. But while we're not convinced that the iPad is particularly suited to image editing, it's excellent screen does make it great for reviewing shots at a resolution and size that no camera will match.

The Camera Connection Kit would also useful if you have a camera with limited memory capacity as you can free up capacity on your card, were it not for the fact that memory cards are dirt cheap now and the iPad is hardly a bastion of storage space. You can even connect an iPhone 3GS via USB and pull pictures off it, although why you would bother is beyond our understanding.


The iPad Camera Connection Kit works as advertised, and that's about as much a compliment as can be paid it. The iPad really should have both of these connectors built in, but if you need them at least they are available.

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