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Andy's Favourite Free iPhone Apps

Andy Vandervell


Andy's Favourite Free iPhone Apps

As the news earlier this week of 60 million iPhone Apps being sold proved, third party applications on the iPhone have quickly become one the biggest USPs - that's 'unique selling points' for those not fluent in market speak - Apple's much argued about phone thingy has. That the huge choice and variety of applications has grown from practically nothing in such a short amount of time is remarkable and though there are some real lemons mixed in there, not to mention some opportunistic efforts, there's much to love as well.

Even better, a lot of it is free – everyone's favourite price. So, while you can spend money if you want I prefer not to and if you're of a similar persuasion then here are some iPhone applications, in no particular order, which you should really try out.

Zenbe Lists

This has to be one of my favourite and most frequently used applications. As the name suggests it's a list program, something the iPhone badly needs, and though there loads of similar sounding apps available, Zenbe is by far and away the best. Creating and managing multiple lists (i.e. To Do or shopping) is incredibly simple thanks to a great interface that's very easy to use. Unlike many iPhone apps, including some of Apple's own, it works in 360 degrees so can be used with the phone on any axis - perfect for when you're wandering around the supermarket looking for the cling film. Even better, you can synchronise lists online, share them with friends, edit them and return them to your iPhone at the press of a button.


Currency conversion is something most people will need and find useful and the practically named 'Currency' app does the business. You set a master currency, set an amount and then it shows accurate and regularly updated info of its worth in a selection of other currencies – a list that can be customised to your needs. It's simple and well presented and works as advertised.


In a similar category to the Currency app, Units is the ubiquitous mobile phone application: a units converter. It can deal with pretty much anything you can think of and works flawlessly. It also features an on-screen ruler and is a product of the prodigious duo at www.themacbox.co.uk.

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